Getting financial aid for college is almost like winning the lottery. My FAFSA Assistant is here to guide you the strenuous process for applying for Federal Aid. This consists of making sure you have the right forms, you meet all the deadlines, finding about college costs and so on. Once you make you your mind to go to college, the next step is to figure out how to pay for it. Most students apply for financial assistance if they don’t have a college fund set up. Getting a financial aid helps you out by reducing the student loan you might have otherwise had to take on. Student loans are a tricky slope and get overburdening if you don’t land a job as soon as you graduate.

All About FAFSA
FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid is used by federal governments, the state and colleges to award grants, student scholarships, work study as well as student loans. Although the grants and scholarships are completely free, the work study money has to be paid back by the student after they graduate. My FAFSA Assistant will alert you when the FAFSA forms are available to make sure you do not miss out on applying. Since last year the forms are available in October for the next academic year. This helps streamline the process of college application and applying for financial aid.

Assistant Offered by My FAFSA Assistant
My FAFSA Assistant recommends using the prior-prior year’s tax information to fll out the FAFSA form as this allows families to file FAFSA form before they file their taxes for the previous year. Since filling out the FAFSA form can be a daunting affair, MY FAFSA Assistant will guide out through each of the following steps:
· Creating a FSA ID
· Alerting you to as FAFSA deadline approach
· Help you figure out which documents are required
· Help use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool
· Narrow down the list of colleges to apply to
· Let you know if additional financial aid forms are required
· Alert you every year when you are in college to renew your FAFSA

Many students have made the mistake of forgetting to renew their FAFSA every year once the start classes. This can result in missing out a year which can be critical in this economy. My FAFSA Assistant ensures that this does not happen to you by alerting you through email and a customized SMS as the deadline starts approaching every year. This way you can stay in college with the help of financial aid.

Filling out the FAFSA form can be an overwhelming experience as your whole future might depend on it. This is where My FAFSA Assistant comes in to make sure that you have filled out everything correctly and submitted the required documents within the deadline. Our staff is here to help you with any query that you might have while filling out the forms. So relax and get ready to enjoy life on the campus of your choice without worrying about how to pay for college!