Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tutorial Teaching

Tutorial teaching has gained lots of importance these days. Tutorial teaching is a method, which delivered following the usual lecture. This is remedial teaching that is individualized or given to a specific group of students.


The very aim of the tutorial or remedial teaching is to help the students to improve their cognitive and other academic abilities. The strategies of the tutorial teaching are based on principles listed and discussed in the following.

1. Remedial teaching
2. The principle of specific differences

The structure of the tutorial teaching has the following steps :

Diagnosis: After completing giving the lecture in the class, the teacher figures out the students, who have difficulties or problems in understanding the content of the lecture. The teacher then categorizes the students based on similar problems.

Prescription: The teacher attempts to create content or teach exclusively to the selected category of people, which is called tutorial teaching.

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The tutorial classes can be classified into three following types :

Supervision Tutorials: In this type of teaching, the teacher assigns problems or assignment to the student of above-average academic skills. Then the teacher asks the student to present the answer sheet to the teacher and his classmates. The audience can ask question-related to the paper presentation. If the student is unable to answer the queries of the students, then the teacher may intervene and answer the queries.

Group Tutorials: This type of teaching is delivered to the students, who have low intelligence or more difficulty in understanding the content in the classroom lecture. Here, the teacher tries to provide remedial teaching, which helps the students to understand the lecture more easily.
Practical Tutorials: This is a type of remedial teaching, which tries to make practical work easier for the students. This type of tutorials can be conducted after giving the lectures.

Advantages Of Tutorial Teaching : 

  • This is highly effective as the teachings are given based on the individual’s learning ability.
  • During the tutorial teaching, the teacher acts like a doctor, who delivers treatment based on the patient’s specific health problems. Here, the teacher tries understanding the difficulties of the particular students and then offering remedial teaching accordingly.
  • The students can gain more confidence through the tutorial teaching as the teacher can pay more attention to each student within a small group.

Disadvantages Of Tutorial Teaching :

  • The tutorial teaching maybe not effective, if the classes are overcrowded.
  • As the tutorial is offered after the usual lecture hours, the teacher may have limited time for every class and hence it is not possible for a teacher to explain every step of the problems or assignments
  • Sometimes the equal opportunity is not offered to all the groups. There are many instances, where a single student dominates the whole tutorial session.
  • Even in the tutorial, the teacher can be biased and not pay equal attention to all the students in the specific group

The disadvantages in the tutorial teaching can be minimized or prevented by taking appropriate measures such as improved monitoring and supervision by the higher authorities.

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