An Overview Of Financial Aid For International Students In US

It is well known that to study in the United States, one has to be prepared to bear the extremely expensive educational and living expenses. The educational expenses rise year after year and several students pursuing their higher education in the United States are finding it hard to support themselves. If you are experiencing this situation, you need to know about the avenues that serve as the best sources for your education funds.

Online scholarships for international students

Research on financial aid and scholarship options online. Some of the best sites that offer complete information regarding online scholarships for international students are as follows: This website offers a complete listing of loan programs, scholarships, grants and other details to help university and college students in their search to study abroad. IEFA or International Educational Financial Aid offers college scholarships, financial aid, and grant details for international students dreaming to continue their studies abroad. The website permits users to get scholarships all over the world.

International organizations arrange for scholarships

There are many international organizations like the Fulbright Commission that provide grant assistance to students around the world. Some of the other top international organizations that provide aids to international students are as follows:

  • World Health Organization
  • Soros Foundation
  • World Council of Churches
  • The United Nations

Several organizations need you to reside in the home country while applying. Plan in advance and apply at the right time. As the competition is high, you have to ensure to follow all the terms and conditions to get qualified for the educational loan.

Your home country could help at a certain extent

One of the best sources of funding is your home country. You can get funds or scholarships from companies or organizations from the government or your home country. For example, Saudi Arabia has established a program that offers complete scholarships to more than 10,000 Saudi students pursuing higher education in the United States. Before leaving, ensure to research this option. Remember, when you are applying for scholarships and grants from your country, there would be certain stipulations involved. It means you need to come back to your home country after completing graduation. If you are okay, you can proceed to apply. This does not apply to all scholarships.

United States government assist international students

If you are an overseas student visiting the United States for educational purposes, you need to check about the scholarships in the U.S. Embassy in the home country.

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