Educating Women in Developing the Nation

Women’s education has been debated for pretty long and the conclusion always ended up with a unanimous “Yes” i.e. educate the women. Education plays a vital role in developing the nation and so does its importance becomes more crucial in breeding up the family. From ancient times, women have been deprived of their many rights of which one is the education. Statistical researchers have found that about 584 million women in the world are still illiterate. A few would say: What a big deal? Why to educate the women? An educated woman here does not just symbolize with the degree or result they get from the school or a university. Educated women here mean the women who are at least equipped with knowledge and skill that could help her to improve the quality of life of her family.

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Education fills in the void of confidence through knowledge in women. The more we educate her, the more likely a family benefits. Courtesy: A survey in various countries came up with an interesting finding. It was found that an educated woman is more likely to have smaller and healthier family than her uneducated counterpart. An educated mother helps in decision making and educates the child in a better way. They are more concerned with the health and welfare of their immediate family and take a viable step towards it. Booming economic and advancing technology has raised the standard of living. In this scenario an educated women gives an extra helping hand to raise income and boost in smooth running of family. As wisely said by Brigham Young “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”

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