Courses After Graduation

Gaining Valuable Work Experience Abroad

Studying Abroad After Graduation

At present, numerous opportunities are available abroad to work and continue with your studies at your chosen university. Whatever skills you have gained by working abroad will be there with you for a long time. To pursue your studies in a university, there are opportunities to enrol in an exchange program or an alternative study abroad program. Work exchange programs can help you to earn valuable vocational skills that may add value to your CV.

Alternate study abroad programs involve travel, learning, and exposure to a different culture. Participation in these programs will get you an experience that is different from the routine. For example: Break Away, a non-profit organization, offer such programs that focus on issues related to social systems. Being a participant in this program will allow you to work in projects that involve the local community and also interact with other participants while attending language-related courses or lectures discussing social issues. Participation in alternate study abroad programs will help you to be an active citizen with awareness on social issues and make use of the acquired skills both in your mother country and abroad. Knowledge thus gained will add value to your experience abroad.

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Opportunities To Work While Studying Abroad

There are many opportunities to work abroad after graduation.

Teaching English: Teaching English as a foreign language after graduation is a great way to earn some money to support your higher studies. With your Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate as an additional qualification will help you get a job with an excellent package. Teaching English has become a good choice for foreigners who are working abroad.

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Peace Corps: Peace Corps volunteers serve in community projects that mostly happen in the underdeveloped regions of the world. Volunteers strive to maintain the core values and the highest standards while serving the community. You can check the Peace Corps website for the available opportunities as applications are received throughout the year.

Some More Work Opportunities

Volunteers: Volunteering positions abroad will help you to gain cross-cultural awareness. The experience may help you to do better in your career, and it can sharpen your personal and social interactions in the future. For volunteering opportunities, most of the organizations don’t provide any financial remuneration. Some organizations may demand the volunteers to pay for the experience gained. Some organizations provide accommodation, food, and provide transportation charges within the country. Volunteering is an incredible way to know the world within budget. You will be able to get an understanding of the local culture.

Besides volunteering opportunities, business internship programs are available in many areas of specialization. With hands-on experience in your chosen field of specialization, you may get the experience of working among people with a different culture. For example, CRCC is an organization, which focuses on finance, architecture, green technology, marketing, information technology, and law, organizes placements in China. CCUSA is another organization that offers counseling positions in Croatia, Canada, and Russia. They assist postgraduate students in finding jobs in the United Kingdom or secure working holiday visas in New Zealand and Australia.

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