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International Internship programs for Indian students

Internships are perhaps the best way for a graduate to set themselves apart from the other candidates in terms of relevant work experience. The increasing competition among the graduates has made it essential to acquire an advantage that makes you stand apart. And the internships are the right way to obtain the experience that is valued by the employers.

Internships are usually undergraduates or students, who typically intern between a month and three months, which can be either voluntary or paid. Let us tour through some of the national and international internship programs available for Indian students.

Internship Programs

Various subject-specific Internship programs are available for Indian students nationally and internationally. A good number of these programs provide the allowances to support the qualified students during the stay. Similarly, these internship programs also require a skill set from the aspirants. Most of the selected candidates would be highly competent in their field of study. Let us go through some of the international Internship programs for the Indian students.

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International Internships

Below mentioned are some of the best International Internship programs from countries like USA, UK, Germany, Japan and Australia.

DAAD- WISE Internships

DAAD is a short-term training and internship program for Indian undergraduate students in the Science and Engineering stream. Assuming the students are studying in the institutes or Universities recognized by the scholarship team, let us go through some of the criteria required to attain the internship

  • Students must be enrolled under Engineering, Math and Natural Sciences
  • Must be in their Fifth/sixth semester of B.Tech or 5/6/7/8 semesters of the integrated Masters/Dual Degree program
  • The internship is granted for 2-3 months from May-August
  • Internship’s total value worth is EUR750 with a travel grant of EUR1,050 and Insurance
  • The curriculum is mainly dependent on academic accomplishments.

An Image Of Summer Internship Concept.

USC Summer Internships

The University of South California in association with Viterbi School of Engineering and Indo-Science and Technology Forum offers internship to Indian students for eight weeks. The internship’s objective is to provide research facilities for those in the field of Engineering and Technology. The eligible students are:

  • Ones who are currently undergoing B.Tech/M.Tech from reputed institutions
  • The engineering streams which qualify are Electrical, Computer Science and Computational Science
  • The scholarship also covers stipends and airfare expenditure
  • Period of the internship is eight weeks.

SN Bose Scholarship Programs

SN Bose Scholarship program is a student exchange program between accredited Indian institutions and top US institution

  • Students enrolled for B.Tech/M. Tech in the home country are eligible to apply
  • Main domains of research are Atmospheric and Earth Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Engineering Sciences, mathematical and computational science
  • The last date for submission of application is 31st October each year
  • It is a three months program from May to July.

SUR Internship Program

University of Lausanne, Switzerland, provides summer internships to selected international students of any nationality to promote research. Some of the facts regarding this internship are:

  • SUR internship offers 20 positions to students in the field of biological and medical studies.
  • Undergraduates in the second and third year can apply for this program
  • Life Sciences students are preferred for screening for this program
  • Scholarships of CHF 1500 are provided to compensate life expenses, and CHF 1700 is provided for travel expenditure.

Khorona Program - A Summer Internship Program For Indian Students.

Khorana Program

IUSSTF along with Govt. of India and WIN Step Forward conducts Khorana program for Indian students to commence research undertakings in the University of Wisconsin-Madison and some other participating institutions. Some facts:

  • The program has a duration of 10-12 weeks
  • Students must be in the pre-final year of B.Tech/M.Tech, B.E, B.V.Sc/M.V.Sc, B.Pharm/M.Pharm integrated
  • B.S-M.S, MBBS, and Master in Medical Science and Technology.
  • The program focuses on research in the field of Biotechnology and allied fields
  • The last date for submission of application is 31st October
  • It is a 3-month program starting from May until July.

RTC Summer Internship

Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Canada, offers a research program for international undergraduates who can work in their laboratories under a supervisor. Some facts related to the program

  • Students must have passed the second year UG academics in the university recognized by the program management by the month of may
  • Deadline for applying is 4th march
  • Students are engaged in 3 months of research work

UTokyo Amgen UG Scholarship

University of Tokyo and Kyoto University provides the UTokyo Amgen Scholarships for qualified students pursuing UG studies in the top colleges of the nation. Some facts regarding the program are as follows:

  • The program covers the streams of Biomedical research, seminars, Japanese Traditional lasses and excursions
    Participants are requested to qualify in English proficiency tests like TOEFL, IELTS, etc.
  • Applications commence by 1st November and conclude by 1st February
  • A grant of JPY 350,000 is given to students from Asia that cover transportation and accommodation expenses.

The Indian students can also opt for some of the best internship programs provided by the top Universities of the nation. IIT Bombay Research Internship and IISER Pune Summer Student Program are some of the national level internship programs.

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