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How Many Scholarships Does It Take For A Student To Graduate

Not every student is fortunate enough to win a full ride scholarship to support their entire Cost of Attendance. For every other student, it is definitely about clubbing multiple scholarships to make college funding a whole. Colleges often provide institutional aid to students. They need to be updated about the extra sources of funds received by the student. The more external funds that a student gets mean the less support that the college has to give.

Why Can’t I Club Many Scholarships?

Students in high need of financial aid are the ones of utmost priority in front of the college. For this very reason, it highly necessitates the distribution of funds to ones with less source of funds. Scholarship sponsors have their own rules of using the funds that some even require to show a report of the expenses. If funds are earned beyond the Cost of Attendance, some funders have a policy that requires returning the excess amount back to them.

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Is there any other way?

Being honest is very important in getting into a professional position through education. Trying to win many scholarships is honest and genuine indeed. You may win as many scholarships as you can but the governing bodies of the sponsors and the university that you attend need to approve of this. There are protocols for each of these and for the same, it is advised to follow the procedures accordingly so as not to end up in any sort of trouble.

Summing it all up.

Always keep the college or university informed about the funds you win externally. This would help in proper redistribution of funds to the required candidates. Full ride scholarships would help in covering your overall cost of attendance which includes tuition, textbook, transportation, accommodation and living expenses.

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