Top Paying IT Job Trends Of The Future

Trends In Information Technology

The challenge that was thrown in by the recent pandemic has caught the world by surprise. It caused a lot of uncertainties and brought about some revolutionary changes in the way people work and perceive things. The job market had made a major shift where a few jobs had no takers while others grew by leaps and bounds. Information technology was one field that fared better than the others. Technology was one aspect everyone was certain about. Techfetch jobs portal lists increased opportunities for business intelligence jobs, data warehouse jobs, network administrator jobs among others. Let us take a look at done of the top trending careers in information technology that will change the course of job roles and opportunities.

Top Career Trends In Information Technology

People use the internet like never before. There is a spike in the use of applications and increased digitization of all business processes. This has led to the generation of vast amounts of data. Sensitive data need to be protected. Companies are now more focused on securing their data from cyberattacks. Cybersecurity experts are required to secure and protect information and network. Companies are actively hiring cybersecurity experts and studies indicate that there will be 3,5 million cybersecurity jobs in the next few years. A cloud architect is another job with great demand which helped millions to work remotely during the pandemic. Cloud-based applications ensure continued business operations at onsite and offshore sites. A cloud architect is the third most demanding tech job in recent times.

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Artificial intelligence is gaining prominence in almost everything. Several companies have seen improved business profits after adopting artificial intelligence. There is a growth of $14.1 billion in the artificial intelligence business. There are more than 1 lakh AI specialist jobs available in job portals. It is one of the best job trends in recent times. Business intelligence analyst is the second most popular trending job. Every business has an abundance of data that needs to be analyzed. This will help companies become smarter and driven by data. The intelligence market will grow by $22.8 billion. A business analyst helps companies achieve business goals by developing strategies based on the data.

A product manager is a key person in an organization responsible for the product. Product managers have all the opportunities to grow higher up in the organization. Some successful CEOs who were product managers include Sundar Pichai, Stewart Butterfield, and Susan Wojcicki. There are more than 20,000 openings for product managers in popular job portals. Product managers will outline the goal of a product that will satisfy the company goal and also encourage the team to achieve the goal in reality. HR specialist and People analytics in another trending job. Organizations are employee-oriented and HR managers are involved in people analytics to incorporate priority business goals in the employees. There are more than 1000 active jobs available in different job portals.

Top Paying Jobs In Information Technology

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Check Out – Technology jobs are the hottest and highly paid jobs. Information technology is the largest employer and also has the highest number of openings in all emerging job roles. The top highest paying tech jobs are big data engineers, information systems security manager, artificial intelligence architect, cloud and network architect, and application architect. A big data engineer will receive an average salary of $166,500. They are responsible for the architecture of both the software and hardware of the company. The role requires strong skills in programming languages like Java and Python.

Systems manager is one of the highest-paying jobs. They must have excellent leadership skills and good experience. They need to ensure that the security policies are met. Most employers will opt for candidates with more than 5 years of experience. Artificial intelligence is another role that has the greatest demands. The average salary of an AI architect is $148,000. Candidates must be experienced in AI tools and should have a degree in computer science. Candidates who are experienced in cloud technology and network can easily become network and cloud architects which is also a well-paid job. An application architect gets an average salary of $144,500.

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