Various E-learning Trends of 2019

People spending years in the e-learning trends and working with the professionals to offer services to the global customers will know that predicting online learning trends is not an easy task. There are some E-learning trends that have been prevalent from quite a few years, whereas some have not yet been recognized by many learners. The article is to discuss some learning trends that are going to attain visibility in the coming years.

Some popular online e-learning approach

• Virtual and Augmented Reality are one of the popular methods of online training. Virtual reality has now been very well-known as it is trending since a few years. With the introduction of mixed reality and augmented reality, the scope of online learning has become vast and exciting. VR and AR are generally used for improving the gaming and movie experiences. The application of AR and VR is improving and enhancing with newer practices and technologies.
• VR is also appropriate for boosting teaching skills and managing high-risk tasks and handling complex processes in an efficient manner. On the contrary, a learner can use AR to learn more about a certain technology, tool, device or a place. With the help of QR code, experts can scan any object and find out any information about it. VR and AR are going to be inexpensive for the companies who want to experiment with them as the prices of headsets and wearable glasses are considerably decreasing.

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• With the launch of Siri on iPhones, people are very excited to explore more intelligent voice assistant. As artificial intelligence have just entered the world of computing, it is difficult to analyze how machine learning Chatbots and voice assistants are going to be programmed. Many organizations are looking forward to installing voice intelligence mainly for data protection and keeping the significant pieces of information secure from manipulation. Such advanced applications will educate learners to work according to the need of the hour. It is likely to say that artificial voice intelligence is going to attract much attention and enhance customers’ experiences.
• The gaming world is gaining popularity with the passing of time. Thus it is apt to say that gamification and learning based on improving gaming experience is going to be an important trend in the coming years. Many organizations are initiating serious games and including exciting features in the custom courses. It is to enhance learner’s interest and motivate them to take the learning seriously along with having fun. You will be surprised to know that games improve learner’s concentration as they completely engross themselves in the gaming process.
• Long-established compliance lessons, training procedure, maintaining information security, product related training and many others include gamified features to enable learners learn better. Such features make the training process interesting and motivate them to invest their energy and time in the activity which they usually do not like. Gamification is supposed to enhance and improve the training procedure in the recent years.
• Adaptive or personalized learning is more about modifying the current modules available in libraries of specific topics and classifications. The prime advantage for organizations is that they do not provide all elements for all learners.

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