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Tranquility Bay is the best boarding school with the mission to challenge and motivate the students in a highly structured and individualized learning environment. It enhances their skills, potentials and attitudes necessary to rise academically and socially and make them mature, responsible and society-oriented. Why Tranquility Bay is the best academy?We help maximize the team work among school staff, parents and community to enhance the quality of student productivity. This is done by providing various parent support services like seminars, newsletters etc for the parents. We believe in providing overall development to every student, so learning and various sporting opportunities are provided to give exposure to the hidden talents of students. Dignity and respect for others in the mind of students enhances the quality of learning.

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We focus on building self-respect and responsibility towards their family and society to bring them up as a mature and understanding human being. As different students from different cultures come to study here, your child learns about cultural diversity and learns how to adjust with all other students and handle difficult situations. Any type of inappropriate behavior is confronted and only teen is held accountable for anything done right or wrong. There are a number of educational facilities available for the students to help them grow academically, socially, physically and technically. Different academy study programs and physical activity opportunities make them bold enough to face future challenges.Our individualized and self-paced learning environment helps increasing the student productivity allowing the students to obtain the skills necessary to meet daily challenges and work for early graduation or maintain a normal pace. Tranquility Bay is working to promote high quality learning with the help of best teaching staff in academy and other educational facilities available.

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