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A Bitter Truth You Cannot Ignore About UPSC

UPSC is the most prestigious examination held in the country. Over lacs of youths appear for the examination every year. Every aspirant wants to become an IAS officer by achieving a significant rank in the Civil Service Examination. But, the harsh reality of the Civil Service Exam is that only 1% of the total number of candidates gets selected for this reputed post. The dismal percentage is a major concern that limits the number of youngsters who dream of serving the nation.

Difficult but not impossible

Every candidate appearing for the Civil Service Examination desires to ace the examination. Although cracking the UPSC exam is not impossible, but it is tougher than you can imagine. Only a few become successful in clearing the exam in the very first attempt. So, if you have decided to appear for UPSC, be prepared for the failures that may come your way.

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The harsh reality

With every passing year, the number of candidates writing the exam is increasing significantly. As a result of which the competition is getting tougher. Sometimes, the most brilliant students fail to clear the prelims or the Mains level after three to four attempts.

The relevant surveys state that a candidate takes at least three attempts to clear all the three-stages of the examination. It is essential to have a certain level of knowledge in every area. But, knowledge alone is not sufficient to do well in such a competitive examination.

Do not be disappointed

You should not be disappointed with the failures. Rather, try to learn from them and analyze the areas that went wrong. No matter what, be optimistic and believe in your potential. Remember that hard work pays off. If you work hard and stay determined about your goals, success will surely come your way.

If you want to serve the nation, you should start preparing for the initial years of your graduation. It is apt to say that becoming an IAS officer is a lengthy process. So, ask your self, are you ready to give yourself three to five years for becoming a civil servant?

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