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IAS Exam Preparation Tips That Every Aspirant Needs

Students preparing for IAS exams at an IAS Coaching Centre in Chennai.

There is no doubt that the IAS exam is one of the toughest competitions held in India. Cracking all three phases of it is a laudable achievement. IT is why any help that can be given to aspirants is not only much appreciated but also necessary. One of the Best IAS Coaching Centre in Chennai, continuously provide tips and tricks to students. This article offers guidelines that can help an aspiring civil servant prepare well for the examination. The goal is to eradicate the confusion that comes hand in hand with IAS preparation and give some answers on how and what to study.

But before we dive into the reality of civil service exams, one picture should be crystal clear. The UPSC conducted paper is a tough nut to crack.

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Some statistics from the recent year will make the picture clearer.

  • Every year more than ten lakh students register for the exam.
  • About five lakh aspirants sit for the first exam per year.
  • Only fifteen thousand students of the 5 Lakh pass the prelims.
  • In mains, just three thousand aspirants get the green light.
  • When the final rank list is printed, after the interviews have been conducted, mere 1000 aspirants make it in a year.

Statistics Optional as text given in a graphical image, where a lady explains the graph.

These numbers prove the astronomical chances of becoming an IAS by any person. These statistics are even direr for the General Category. Why? Because almost half of the seats are reserved for other categories. Therefore, a general category individual has to be in the top 50% to get listed in the final ranks. That said, with hard work and effort clearing the competition with flying colours is not impossible.

Follow these two tips, and you will be achieving the goal in no time.

  • Misguidance is very prevalent in the sector. Pick a coaching institute that is up to date with the latest requirements of UPSC. It is no use paying a hefty sum to an academy that doesn’t even know the current exam syllabus of marking scheme. Incorrect guidance and support will only cause you to lose valuable money and time that could be beneficially spent elsewhere. Poor quality study material, incompetent teachers and low service are an anathema to any IAS aspirant.
  • For the first time attempter and the IAS connoisseur, the one essential tip to passing is adapting the transforming requirements of UPSC. If you want to succeed, it is necessary to be aware of the changes that occur in the examination. Just because you have tried your hand on the test a time or two doesn’t mean you know every rule of regulation. Always read the new requirements to ensure no alterations have been done.

Check Out – We understand that the worries IAS aspirants have are not unfounded. Worrying about eligibility, accurate exam dates and which subject to opt for are just some of them troubles civil students face. Take it one day at a time and find a good institute that can guide you all the way to the end.


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