A Guide To HRM Career Development

Why Is Career Development Important?

Career development is important for the implementation of your career plan. With a good career development plan, an employee can move up to the next position in the hierarchy. A career development plan is important for the employee to know whether he will be with the same organization after five years, and if so, where did he see himself in the hierarchy after five years. HRM has got a big role to play in career development. It is the responsibility of the employee to identify their skills, knowledge, interests, and abilities, and they have to get in touch with the HRM to know more about career options as per their abilities. The HRM’s role is to divert you to the right path after assessing your different skills through the employee tracking software. They will also use screen monitoring software to check your daily activities at the organization. Read More

Career Development Steps

  • Identifying Career Needs

Many big enterprises conduct career development workshops or have assessment centres in which many employees have to go through different types of exercises and interviews. This step allows the employee to decide on their career goals and helps to plan their steps to achieve the goal. It is the responsibility of the HR manager to provide all the information and assistance the employee need to build a career development plan.

  • Identifying The Career Opportunities

A job analysis needs to be done to identify career opportunities. It is the responsibility of the managers to help the employee identify the career path in the organization. They should be open in discussing the job openings available inside the organization and help the employee realize where would they fit in. The employee should be informed about the opportunities available and what requirements need to be fulfilled to get the promotion they are looking for.

  • Incorporation Of Employee Needs And Career Opportunities

It is quite important to align the employee’s needs and aspirations with career opportunities to ensure that the right talent is available to suit its manpower requirements. The employee must give importance to the training and coaching by the superiors and on and off the job training in different departments. A periodical performance appraisals will be done to check whether the employee performs well according to their career path.

  • Regular Monitoring

To fulfil the career development plan, HR will regularly monitor employee performance progress and provide adequate support to implement the career plan. If they see any discrepancies, necessary steps will be taken to reassign the work to meet the career development plan requirements. In addition, if the career opportunities are unavailable due to economic change and technology issues, the company HR will redesign jobs.

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HRM Career Development Benefits

For the benefits of their employees, an organization offers different career development programme. Such benefits are

  • Competency Development

The main aim of the career development programmes is to help the employees develop key competent skills in them. The skills can be developed in interpersonal interaction, leadership, decision making and problem-solving, directing, and group interaction. These skills are important for having a successful work-life.

  • Improves Motivation

Motivation is an important element for success, both in personal and official life. When an employee gets motivated, a sense of competence will be developed, which is much needed in fulfilling the career development programmes.

  • Overcomes Frustration

In today’s world, many reasons can frustrate an employee at the workplace. For example, due to work rationalization, reorganization, downsizing the team, etc., many employees face job insecurity, creating frustration and eventually affecting mental health. However, through a career development programme, an employee gets multi-skilled and helps them feel secure against job insecurity and develops self-confidence, which helps them overcome frustration and provide them with good mental health.

The HR manager has to perform a certain role which can manage the career development issues by

  • Initiating career counselling programs or a periodic performance appraisal.
  • Developing effective assessment centres
  • Improving planning and forecasting systems.
  • Supporting training and educational programmes in collaboration with different other companies.
  • Updating the employees regularly with the new job openings in the organization.

The HRM’s role is to divert you to the right path after assessing your different skills through the employee tracking software. As an employer, it pays off in terms of ROI if you invest in a career development plan for each and every one of your employees.

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