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All about the life of IIM and IIT students

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Most of the people think that life would be a bed of roses for all the people who clear the toughest entrance exam in the country, the JEE Mains, to obtain B. Tech from the industry. The same is often thought with the students who are appearing or have cleared their entrance remittance test for an MBA course at IIM. Most of the students also work hard only for one reason: an IIM MBA certificate or an IIT B. Tech certificate would provide all them a non-stop flourishing career.

One common thing which makes all people think the same is most of the students from the institutes get their dream jobs outside their campus. We will have a complete overview which will highlight the life of students who graduate from IIT and IIM of Indian.

The after-life of IIT students of the country

A surprising fact about the IIT students in India is most of the students completing a B. Tech from the institute end up their career in a small relation with their respective industry.

For example, a student completing Mechanical engineering from IIT Kharagpur would find a placement in a software department and would be delivering projects to a finance-based company.

A large number of students graduating from IIT have to spend a lot of time away from their home. They stay at hostels while studying and then during their long hour jobs at large corporate companies. The life of the engineers is too hard with a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders, and hence one can consider the field as hardworking when compared to others.

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Life of students after completing MBA from IIM

One of the prevailing trends for all the engineering graduates from IIT is they enrol into the MBA certified course of IIM to avoid the technical work in core companies which every fresher from IIT is supposed to perform during his early day at work.

The IIT students have to stress their brain for four long years and then enrol themselves in the world of management at IIM.

All about the jobs of students graduates completing certification from IIM and IIT

All the students who complete MBA from IIM after completing engineering from IIT do not have a red carpet entry. Most of them are also satisfied with a mediocre job which offers a medium pay scale along with minimal workload.

A student who has the potential or work hard surely gets their dream job which they aspire for during their schooling days. Most of the people studying in India’s top institute are unique with their multi-skilled abilities, and hence they try with their start-up plans. The students who plan well and execute their ideas in the right direction keep success waiting next to their doors.

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