Augmented Reality For Healthcare and Education

IIT-M is one of the premier learning institutions of the country. And well, Kumar Mridul an alumnus of IIT-M is in the news for all the right reasons. Mr Kumar Mridul’s startup Ghost Vision Pvt. Ltd. has been striving to make augmented reality significantly useful. Excellent institutions of higher learning, coupled with state-of-the-art school education system, has converted Chennai into a genuine education hub. The reality of Civil Service exams has also played a crucial part in developing coaching facilities in this city.

Why the murmurs?

Ghost Vision Pvt. Ltd has come up with a headset that can play a vital role in primary, secondary as well as tertiary education. Using AR technology, children can see vivid and clear pictures and learn various aspects of their subjects in an exciting fashion. The headset designed by Kumar Mridul taps right into it, and it can potentially revolutionize the way students learn.

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Scope in education

It must be understood that a large scale implementation of such methods requires time. It also needs significant efforts from all the involved and interested parties like all the changes that have helped in shaping well-established systems and making them relevant. However, the impact of AR on education can change the way it works forever.


Well, the idea of a doctor checking up on his patients without being physically present might seem alien to many of you. It might even seem impossible. However, the work of Kumar Mridul and his team has made this scenario a definite possibility. These innovative headsets have paved the way for augmented reality of playing an integral part in remote healthcare services.

Ophthalmological services are all set to be the biggest beneficiary of this innovation. The pilot project in eye care, which uses the devices made by Ghost Vision Pvt. Ltd. might even receive tremendous support from DRDO Life Sciences Research Board.

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