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Why is a career in RPO odds-on-favorite for wannabe recruiters?

The recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) profession has undergone a broad change in its value proposition in a concise period. It has been luring many aspiring recruiters to explore and revel in the flexibility that the profession offers. As a developing RPO recruiting firm at, we guarantee that a career in RPO will not give you a dull moment any time in your professional life, and you will be doing more than mere sourcing, screening, and onboarding talents for your client company. Being a part of an RPO firm makes you an integral part of your client organization who would be developing crucial business strategies and custom road maps to fulfill the growing demands of the hiring marketplace.

The growing popularity of RPOs is evident from the statistical reports that show that the overall hiring time of companies has been reduced by 15 days, and the average recruitment costs have shrunken by 35% globally. No wonder, annual growth rate of the RPO marketplace stands towering at 17 % over the past few years. The developments have been attributed to the growing job opportunities in the RPO industries as well.

” What makes RPO work? Why do organizations highly rely on RPO recruiters despite having a capable team of in-house recruiters? “, Or, “What more does an RPO firm can offer than a staffing agency?”. In this article, we intend to clear all these reiterated queries and all the reasons why RPO makes a perfect job profile for candidates who love exploring the recruitment market of various industries.

What is an RPO? And how do RPO firms enhance the hiring efficiency of an organization?

Market demands are what rules most of the business’s needs. Hiring requirements are no different. With highly fluctuating market demands, businesses are often forced to cope with the changing needs and make resources as flexible as possible. But unfortunately, the stale and conventional in-house human resource functioning might be unwelcoming to these hasty revisions, as this would mean an additional expense and resource to the already frail finances. Here is where an RPO firm comes into the scene.

Our dynamic and diverse workforce helps streamline an industry’s hiring requirements and ensures that the strategies we help formulate conform to all industrial norms. But what makes us exceptional is our team’s profound experience and capability in understanding the company’s resource needs and utilizing the technology to perform demand analysis & develop a custom roadmap to fulfill those demands.

In short, RPO services take proactive steps in recruiting that may include more than mere sourcing, screening, or onboarding talents. We function as an extension to our client companies and aid them in designing and managing their entire recruitment process. This also means we are responsible for the company’s recruitment branding, enhancing talent acquisition, and even prioritizing diversity hiring. Employing the best technologies and facilitating a customized tech platform makes the organizations even more competitive, making the RPO profession an attractive job prospect.

Well, if you are clear about how the RPO workforce can make a difference in the recruitment industry, then understand a few more reasons that can affirm your choice.

Six reasons to choose an RPO career

  • Our association with multiple global clients guarantees that the RPO profession can be enriching not only for the experience it offers but also for the incredible knowledge a recruiter can earn by working for multiple industries. You get to know deeply about your clients.

  • Working with a diverse clientèle adds up pages to your resume. The abundant experience gathered can be used to shift jobs easily.
  • Talent acquisition builds up a professional community. You get an opportunity to build quality relationships that may benefit you immensely in the future.

  • Career growth in RPO is tremendous. If you are proficient in what you are doing, then there is no looking back. Our experience with multiple industries and their in-house recruiting departments has taught us that career progression is far quicker in an RPO than in companies.

  • The job role also equips the recruiters with innovative technologies and skills to recruit the right fit for the clients. They need to understand the job role and the skills they require, to find the right recruits.

  • RPO job is not a mere recruiting job, but the job role also requires you to help your clients to improve their recruitment process. This may include developing attraction strategies or developing candidate sourcing using the best technologies like AI and automation.

In a nutshell, RPO jobs are meant for diversity-seeking candidates excited to do the same job differently for different clients. Creativity is a paramount virtue for an RPO profession. So job seekers who are here to boast about their barrage of certifications and experiences, think twice – we love hiring brave and resilient people for this job!

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