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Scholarships – Students Aid At The Hands of Judging Committees

College Education And Scholarships

Education is an important tool for the growth of an individual. To have a great career and future college education is as important as school education. College education is more expensive and possible out of reach for middle and low income families. Here is where scholarships play a vital role. The financial aid comes to the rescue for many families who can now dream of a better future for their children. It is vital to find the right scholarship fund to get through the tuition fees.

Every scholarship program has its own eligibility criteria. One must ratify what is required of a student before applying for the scholarship. It is an important factor to impress the judging committee in the first go so you may qualify for the fund.

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What Transpires In A Judging Committee

It is a tough decision for the judges involved in finalizing the scholarships. It is a three step process. The first step is a quick glance that may not take more than 30 seconds. The judges mostly look for the neatness and presentation of the form. This is the stage where most of the forms are rejected. So, ensure you meet the minimum qualifications, all required documents are attached, photographs present, no blank information, corrections and neat handwriting. It is important you review your application one last time before submitting.

A Human Hand Written The Scholarship Relevant Terms.

In the second round the judges segregate the forms into OK and Great. Thorough and well thought out responses make it to the Great category. It is important your responses are legible without any grammar or spelling mistakes. Do not rely on spelling correction software. With auto correction, there are chances that ‘Their’ will become ‘There’. Take a print of the essay and proofread to identify errors. In the third round, the judges would have filtered down to a few highly qualified students. This is a crucial step for the judges to make a decision which is not easy.

Pointers That Make A Difference

The judging committee scrutinises all applications to select the best and the most eligible student. Most judging committees look through the academics and the marks scored. A good score that matches with the course you have selected along with the course load will let the committee know that you are headed in the right direction. If experience is a part of the criteria, they will look at how demanding your role was. Judges would want to know if this role helps you inculcate leadership skills.

You must explain all your extra curricular activities and hobbies. The judges would love to know if you have experience in community service. All your volunteering effort should go in the application form. This will add value during the final ratification. If you have a creative side then mention that. Skills like storytelling, playing instruments, painting and acting are welcomed by the judging committee. Let them know the challenges and adversities you have faced and how you have overcome them. This piece of information will be of great value to qualify a scholarship.

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