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Studying Abroad – Options For US Citizens

Study Abroad – A Great Way To Turn Around Career

Higher education is important to have an edge over others when it comes to your career. It is a big decision when it comes to selecting the right course, college depending on your finances and other criteria. Situations may look bleak home front and you may not have gotten into that one college you were hoping to get, or sometimes you don’t have enough money to sponsor your education. As most of us love to have better prospects it becomes a mandate to have an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

It may not always be easy, but pursuing an education abroad is a great option one may exercise owing to the benefits it possesses. An option that is being implemented by many for their better career and future. It is a long process that involves selecting a country, the course you like to pursue, admission prices, scholarships, fees, visa process and tickets. It is challenging and one may gain a lot of knowledge during the process. If your host country uses a different language then it is mandatory you learn the language as well.

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Scholarships are an important aspect that comes to aid most of the eligible students who dream of studying abroad. Scholarships help you get through tight budgets in terms of covering the tuition fees and living expenses. The affordability depends on the exchange rates of the host country. The student will have to meet the eligibility criteria needed for the scholarship. Whichever country you go, one must understand that it is a different country, they have different customs and values. They will also have their own style of doing things and that includes academics as well.

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Study In Canada

For a US citizen, studying in Canada will be quite intriguing. It is a country that is very close and one may not think this as an option but it will still be a great opportunity. Considering the exchange rates and the cost of education in the US, studying abroad is still an affordable option for most of the US citizens. Even a good international university in Canada will have fees less than any American university. The exchange rates between US dollar and Canadian dollar makes other living expenses quite affordable.

The challenge lies in accommodating the culture of the host country. Canada, though a neighbour just above the USA, is a different country altogether. Though a western country, it has a culture of its own and it could be very challenging for an American student to cope with the culture shock. US citizens have limited criteria to be eligible for financial aid for the United States government. The student should be in a US school that has a study abroad program with a Canadian school. The student can pay for studies through the US school and will also receive credit points.

Students who are dependents of deceased members of the United States military or victims of extraordinary events like 9/11 are eligible for free college anywhere in the world. The admission process is different from that of US schools. The SAT score is applicable only if the student is a transfer student. Else, the student is required to produce transcripts from all the educational institutions you have studied if it is applicable for the course you are applying for or not. To boost their financial status, US students can take up jobs on campus for a few hours in a week. The minimum wage will be 5$ per hour and this goes a long way to improve your finances.

Things You Need To Know

To be able to study in Canada you need to prove that you have sufficient financial aid to support your education. If your parents are financing, then they will have to submit a notarized statement that declares the same. Once you get through this hurdle you need to get the Visa. This is not a tough task as Canadian Visa can be obtained from the border if you have the sufficient money to pay for it. The student Visa will enable you to study and thereafter work for one year in Canada.

One risk factor is that the visa doesn’t let you re-enter once you leave the country. Canada has affordable healthcare. If you plan to take health insurance, apply as soon as you reach there as it takes time to process and three months to get activated. Ensure you take the health insurance provided by the province as it differs from province to province. Academic culture is different from the United States. A college is a two year program while university is a four year program. As per marking system in Canada, an A or 85% is near impossible to achieve. Canada will slowly get you into its system and sooner or later you will get accustomed to it.

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