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3 Techniques To Prepare For IAS Exam

What Should be the First Step to Crack the IAS ?

But, the good news is that there are ways to prepare for the exam that almost guarantee your triumph. Many Well known IAS coaching centres train you to excel in the perfect ways for preparing for Civil services exams.– are there any tricks and tips to cracking the exam. The hard answer is no. There are no shortcuts to anything that has value in life. You have to take the hard way if you want to succeed. But, the good news is that one there are ways to prepare for the exam that almost guarantee your triumph.

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Techniques Followed in IAS Coaching Centres To Equip Better For an IAS Exam

Know How to Crack it in First AttemptThe first method is to know your syllabus. Studying everything and anything under the sun is not the best way. The exam has a prescribed curriculum. We say stick to it. The interview, the mains and the prelims each cover different areas and fields. Get a good understanding of what they are along with the exam pattern. This especially applies to freshers, i.e., people who are sitting for the exam for the first time. Get a gist of all the essential points for civil services prelims this year at

The second step to preparing well for an IAS exam is to invest in books. Buying just any book is not enough to know your syllabus well, one has to get the right book and since the curriculum of the examination is so massive one has to develop a reading habit. The basic course is covered by NCERT books, but there are some additional reading materials that can prove to be useful. The advice here is, to begin with, the most basic books. Read them thoroughly and then move on to others. Also, it is not just books that need to be studied. Reading the newspaper every day is essential for any aspirant who wants to clear the civil exam.

How to Prepare for Lengthy Syllabus of IAS Exams ?

Knowing the syllabus and then studying it from the correct books are two pillars of IAS exam preparation. The third  Important Books That Every IAS Aspirants Must Readand equally important pillar is taking mock tests. Practice by doing previous years’ question papers. Try to recreate the exact environment of the real examination so that you get an accurate understanding of where you stand. Then pinpoint your weak topics. Learn them again and then give another mock test. The aim is to revise the course again and again through the tests. This helps builds up speed and accuracy. Since an aspirant competes with thousands and thousands of other students, answering correctly within a short time becomes crucial.
As we always say there is no one perfect way to succeeding. Each student carves their path. While one student might learn better through mock tests, another might perform better by revising the written text again and again.

Keys to Effective Studying the Syllabus

Therefore, the key is to find the method that fits an aspirant like a glove and then stick to it. Staying on the course, you gave set for studying, and repetition are the only two tips anyone can provide a civil services aspirant in order to succeed.
Taking these two steps will save you from setbacks and errors occurring at crucial points. It can also reduce the employee attrition rate because there will be less of frustration, of not being able to learn a new technology, among the workforce. A smoother transition from paper to electronic is helpful all around. Therefore, before you implement the software and the training, execute these two moves.

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