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The ultimate battle M.B.B.S. in India Vs M.B.B.S. in abroad

All about studying M.B.B.S. in India

Every candidate who is willing to kick-start their career in M.B.B.S. has to clear the NEET exam, which is the least eligibility criteria to get qualified as a candidate to study in private or government institutions. Apart from NEET, the candidates must also have excellent academic command over subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in their 12th grade. To become a successful doctor in India, the candidate has to complete their education with excellent clinical knowledge and can also get full exposure to patients in India. Completing M.B.B.S. in India can also help students in registering quickly under MCI. Two central problems for all the students in India is lack of technical equipment in some remote government colleges and high-fees in lavish private institutes.

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All about studying M.B.B.S. in abroad

One can opt for an M.B.B.S. in degree in various countries all across the globe. The students who are planning to return only with U.G. degrees have to clear the F.M.G.E. test to qualify for Medical practitioner in India and to register under MCI. The students coming from the U.S.A. and U.K. with U.G. and P.G. degrees can continue their career only incorporating hospitals but not in government hospitals.

Significant advantages and disadvantages of studying M.B.B.S. in abroad

Students can experience a good volume of exposure when they study abroad. One of the main reasons many Indian students study abroad is they can easily fetch an M.D. or M.S. speciality overseas.

Students also have to face different patient exposure when returning to India. F.M.G.E. can be one of the toughest hurdles to pass while returning to India.

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