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Top seven scholarships for international students in the UK

The significance of scholarships during international studies

Studying abroad can be a dream come true for all the students if they possess a handy scholarship attached along with their application. The economic stress of the family is one of the main reasons why many students cannot approach the high-standard level of foreign education. Most of the students have to compromise with their own country’s low standard of education due to their concern with high fees of the institute and hostel expenses.

When the point of the continuing study is in the UK, then all the students have to take help of financial aid as the UK comes in the top charts of countries which demands the high-cost of living. One can fetch support from organizations which offer scholarships. Still, one has to work hard and keep themselves pure with their academic performance to rank themselves at the top of scholarship lists.

One of the main reasons why most of the students don’t get scholarships is because of competition. Apart from the game, students also don’t possess extensive or in-depth knowledge of various awards. We have brought this article for all the students who are in search of scholarships in the UK. Here are the best seven scholarships which every international student can apply to continue their higher education in the UK.

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What are the Chevening scholarships in the UK?

The Chevening scholarship in the UK is one of the most prestigious forms of awards for all international students. The British Embassies all around the world select the students who have an impeccable academic performance enhanced with potential team-playing qualities. The students who get selected for the Chevening scholarship also get a chance to kick-start their professional career in the UK and also experience the culture of the UK at its best.

Every year the Chevening scholarship provides around 1500 scholarships all across the planet for potential students who want to complete their master’s in the country. Students who have a soundtrack in their bachelors have higher chances of getting selected in the list.

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2. All about the Euraxess UK scholarship

Euraxess learning in the UK is not for college students but for people who are adamant about becoming a great research scientist. The Euraxess UK is one of the funding mechanisms for the development and motivation for all the people to continue their research studies within the border of the UK. The British council takes charge of offering Euraxess UK scholarship to international students.

3. The commonwealth scholarships the UK

The commonwealth scholarship is for students from commonwealth countries willing to continue their PhD or masters in the UK. The commonwealth scholarship in the UK provides multiple-financial benefits to all the students residing in the commonwealth countries. The same method of selection is applied here where the students with excellent academic history are preferred by the council responsible for the collection. Apart from the scholarship tuition fee and hostel fee, the commonwealth scholarship also provides an initial allowance of funds along with a personal maintenance allowance for all the students coming through the awards.

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4. All about the royal society grants

The royal society grants are the oldest scientific academy which promotes dedicated students in science and is handled by some of the renowned scientists in the UK. The royal society grants scholarship is a partnership between the UK and commonwealth countries for promoting science as a research subject.

5. What is the UK – China research partnership?

The UK –China research or PhD scholarship is for students from the UK and China who want to continue their master’s or PhD in any of the two countries. One of the main reasons behind the initiative of the partnership is to promote long-term skilled research standards between both countries.

6. The British universities scholarships

Some of the top universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College of London, King’s College in London also provide scholarships to international students. The international students who have a definite end academic track and are eligible with the criteria of admission and match the university standards. One can also check with the European rankings of 2020 to find out some more universities which are offering scholarships to international students.

7. The Global study awards scholarship in the UK

The Global study awards scholarship is one of the most robust scholarships to obtain in the UK. The Global study award is a tie-up between various study portals from ISIC and UK to encourage the abroad experience for study and cultural development. The Global study awards offer 10000 Great Britain pound scholarship only to two potential candidates who endorse the vision of changing and evolving with new cultural traditions and enlighten for its betterment and advancement.

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