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What to do after getting a business management degree?

A management degree offers comprehensive knowledge of marketing, economics, finance, and business and also a wide range of work experience and practical skills, making the candidate highly required for graduate training schemes and by graduate employers. Management graduates can function in a large range of sectors like voluntary, private and public sectors. If you have completed a management degree and are thinking what career options are there for you, this is the blog you should check.

Management consultant – Average salary in the US $84,963

Management consultancy is one of the common career choices for graduates with a management degree. It is a job where you have to assist the business in solving current issues, enhance business performance and utilize the business skills to provide expert advice and objectives on the company’s operations, management, structure, and strategy. It is necessary to perform data collection and research to understand completely the company, objectives, and mission. Also, assist them in determining problems, share your knowledge and help in implementing changes.

A management consultant is a role that involves a lot of pressure and responsibility. You will be working with minimal or no supervision. It is necessary to be self-motivated and have the stamina to tackle the challenges. Remember, only a Ph.D. or Masters Degree is not sufficient to become a management consultant. It is necessary but you will be given this job role when you land upon a senior role.

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Project Manager- Average salary in the US $71,944

As a project manager, you will be responsible for providing projects within a budget and on time by organizing tasks, resources, and people. This role is also referred to as project officers or project coordinators. You can work in any organization and sector from advertising to construction or healthcare. Candidates working in this role should

  • determine the goals of the clients,
  • check the possibilities of the project,
  • analyze budgets, resources, and team,
  • negotiate with suppliers and contractors,
  • monitor progress,
  • implement changes whenever needed,
  • evaluate the project’s success and expectations of the clients,
  • report to the client and senior managers and
  • determine and learn from mistakes.

First, you need to join a company as an assistant project manager. With certain years of experience, you can slowly land the role- project manager. For this role, it is important to have strong communication and interpersonal skills along with organizational skills. You should be able to make the right decisions under pressure.

Social Media Manager- Average salary in the US $49, 015

It is one of the latest management job roles in the industry. If you know how to develop multimedia content and how it can be utilized to promote business or have knowledge in social media marketing, you would enjoy your role. As a social media manager, you are responsible for creating and executing strategies for digital marketing/social media marketing like outsourcing videos, creating videos, maintaining various social media platforms, blogging and much more.

You should be in touch with other departments of communication and marketing especially when you are working in a small company. Remember, social media marketing is always changing and fast-paced. The role may look challenging but in reality, it is an interesting position.

If you want to work as a social media manager in a company, you need to have a degree especially in public relations, media, marketing or business management. At the start, you should work as a junior social media manager. As you get experience, you can reach the top position. You have to showcase employers about your broad understanding and knowledge of social media websites. You should have great communication skills, creativity and give attention to every detail.

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